Yoga Online for Teams

Online Yoga for Teams


A Unique Wellbeing Platform for Your Organization

We’re here to help you prioritise your workplace wellbeing program, so that your team stays healthy, vibrant and balanced in body and mind.  

Benefits of yoga, meditation and wellness activities: 


Improved concentration, greater clarity of mind, better decision-making and improved personal productivity are a bonus for people, teams and companies.

Organisations that include yoga and meditation as part of their employee wellness program report higher staff morale, and greater satisfaction at work.

Reducing stress in the workplace means your team is happier and healthier overall. They’ll feel better about themselves and enjoy working together more.

Stress-related illness and mental health issues are on the rise, and represent a huge cost-burden to companies.  Ensuring your staff are well-supported in their physical, mental and emotional health is a necessity for a high-functioning and inspiring workplace. 


How we can help:


As well as being expert yoga and meditation teachers, we’re wellness guides who can tailor an online package to suit your team’s specific needs.  


Your unique wellbeing platform will include:


Personalised URL for your company, e.g.

Branded login page for your staff, with personalised messaging and images

Access to our extensive library of pre-recorded yoga, meditation, relaxation and wellbeing classes

Wellbeing and lifestyle courses to educate and inspire your staff to make healthier choices

Curated content specific to your teams’ needs



Find out more about how to set up your workplace with your dedicated wellbeing platform by emailing us: