Nourish Yourself


Nourish Yourself


PLAY WITH - half saddle, supine twist, lunar bridge, sphinx pose

EXPLORE - juicy holds targeting space along your front-body

AWAKEN - freedom from emotional, physical and energetic tension

This yin practice targets the stomach and spleen meridians, working to support digestion and processing through opening the front line of the body. You'll dive into deep stretches, held for 3-5 minutes, in order to work deeply into the connective tissue of the body to release physical, emotional and energetic tension. Make sure you have some props you can use to support yourself - blocks, bolsters, cushions, blankets. Get creative and settle in. 

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Steph Lewis

Steph Lewis has a strong focus on mindful and joyful movement in her vinyasa flow and yin classes. She began practicing yoga as a stressed-out student, and fell in love with the space yoga created in her mind.


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