A Sense of Space


A Sense of Space


PLAY WITH - triangle pose, aeroplane, half moon, baddha konasana

EXPLORE - spacious movement for a healthy spine and hips

AWAKEN - a sense of openness in your mind, body and breath


When life throws us challenges, we often respond by contracting our physical body.  In this dynamic 90 minute Flow practice, we’ll consciously explore openness and spaciousness through movement, breath and attention. In this seamless practice of flowing vinyasa and one-legged balance poses, this is an opportunity to be in your body in a more spacious way. 

This is a recording of a live stream class.

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Rod Galbraith

Rod Galbraith is co-founder of InYoga, created to provide premium yoga education, dedicated to translating the wisdom of yoga and meditation in an accessible format for modern people.

As a yoga meditation teacher and educator, Rod has developed a holistic process for guiding instinctive meditation that acknowledges the interrelated nature of wellbeing and wisdom of the body/mind, by honouring the coherence of the physical body, nervous system, thoughts, emotions and sense of self.

Rod has devoted himself to studying the subtle arts of yoga, and sharing this empowering knowledge with others. Rod is an authorised teacher with global innovators in meditation Lorin Roche PhD and Camille Maurine, and dedicated student of global movement alchemist and yogini Shiva Rea. Rod weaves knowledge of the science of yoga with experience from his own dedicated personal practice, artfully sharing this knowledge through classes, workshops, yoga teacher trainings and as a contributing writer to Yoga Journal Australia.


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